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Amouage Opus Xiv Royal Tobacco EDP

KES 42,000
100 ml
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Brand: Amouage

Product description

This scent intricately connects the rich heritage of Royal Frankincense with the luxurious essence of Regal Tobacco. Crafted by renowned perfumer Cecile Zarokian, Opus XIV Royal Tobacco offers a unique and sensory experience, celebrated for its remarkable composition.

Fragrance Profile:

Top Notes: Frankincense Oil, Elemi, Cardamom, Anise, Basil, Bergamot

Heart Notes: Tobacco Absolute, Liquorice Root, Lavender, Prunol, Fenugreek, Orange Blossom, Osmanthus, Rose

Base Notes: Frankincense Resinoid, Peru Balsam, Benzoin, Labdanum, Myrrh, Birch Tar, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Madagascar, Vetiver, Guaiac Wood, Oud Assam, Musks

Opus XIV Royal Tobacco opens with a burst of vibrant and spicy top notes, including frankincense oil, elemi, cardamom, anise, basil, and bergamot. The heart reveals an intricate blend of tobacco absolute, liquorice root, lavender, prunol, fenugreek, orange blossom, osmanthus, and rose. The base is a rich and complex mix of frankincense resinoid, Peru balsam, benzoin, labdanum, myrrh, birch tar, tonka bean, vanilla Madagascar, vetiver, guaiac wood, oud Assam, and musks, providing a deep and lasting finish.


The composition of Opus XIV Royal Tobacco features a harmonious blend of exotic spices, luxurious florals, and rich resins. The top notes of frankincense oil and elemi, combined with the heart of tobacco absolute and lavender, and the deep base of frankincense resinoid and myrrh, create a fragrance that is both opulent and sophisticated.


Opus XIV Royal Tobacco is a fragrance for those who appreciate complexity and luxury. It is bold, rich, and evocative, making it an ideal choice for special occasions or when you want to make a statement.

Experience the Richness of Opus XIV Royal Tobacco:

Indulge in the luxurious and complex scent of Amouage Opus XIV Royal Tobacco. With its rich blend of spices, florals, and resins, this fragrance offers a unique and sensory experience. Embrace the opulence and sophistication of Opus XIV Royal Tobacco.

Product Name Amouage Opus Xiv Royal Tobacco EDP
Options 100 ml
  • 100 ml @ KES 42,000
  • Brand Amouage
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