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Bentley Silverlake Eau de Parfum – For Men

KES 9,900
100 ml
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Brand: Bentley

Product description

Bentley Silverlake is designed for the modern explorer, a man who is refined yet adventurous. This EDP is perfect for daytime wear, ideal for the man whose spirit is stirred by the untamed beauty of nature and who enjoys fragrances that are as expansive and fresh as the landscapes he loves to explore.

Scent Profile:

Top Notes: The experience begins with a burst of zesty lemon and invigorating mint, creating a bright and refreshing opening that instantly uplifts the senses and sets a vibrant tone.

Middle Notes: The heart of Silverlake is a harmonious blend of aromatic lavender, subtly spicy pink pepper, and green violet leaves. This floral and slightly herbal combination infuses the fragrance with a cool, fresh sophistication that mirrors the clear waters of a serene lake.

Base Notes: The fragrance concludes with a foundation of smooth amberwood and white musk. These base notes envelop the wearer in a clean, soft warmth that adds depth and longevity to the crisp notes above.

Immerse yourself in the refreshing purity of Bentley Silverlake, an aromatic journey inspired by the pristine natural landscapes and the icy beauty of mountain lakes. Launched as part of Bentley's prestigious fragrance line, Silverlake captures the essence of adventure with a crisp, invigorating blend that speaks to the sophisticated man who feels at home in the great outdoors.

Product Name Bentley Silverlake Eau de Parfum – For Men
Options 100 ml
  • 100 ml @ KES 9,900
  • Brand Bentley
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