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Chanel Paris EDT

KES 35,700
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Brand: Chanel

Product description

Chanel Paris Eau de Toilette is a woody-floral fragrance that captures the essence of relaxed Parisian elegance. Inspired by the vibrant energy of a bustling café terrace in Paris, this fragrance embodies the carefree spirit of a spring morning in the city of light.

Fragrance Profile:

Classification: Woody-Floral

Top Notes: Damask Rose, Lemon, Mandarin

Heart Notes: Pink Peppercorn

Base Notes: Patchouli


Paris EDT opens with the enchanting aroma of Damask rose, a flower known for its character and multifaceted nature. The sparkling freshness of lemon and mandarin adds a vibrant energy to the fragrance, reminiscent of the lively atmosphere of a Parisian café terrace.

As the fragrance unfolds, notes of pink peppercorn emerge, infusing the composition with a subtle hint of spice. This spicy element adds depth and complexity to the scent, enhancing its allure and capturing the essence of excitement and adventure in the heart of the capital city.

At the base of Paris EDT lies the warm and woody aroma of patchouli. This earthy note anchors the fragrance, providing a sense of depth and sophistication. Patchouli's rich and velvety character adds a touch of elegance to the composition, evoking the relaxed Parisian elegance that has long inspired the creations of Gabrielle Chanel.

Experience Parisian Elegance:

Chanel Paris Eau de Toilette is more than just a fragrance; it's a journey to the heart of Parisian elegance. With its captivating blend of floral, citrus, and woody notes, this scent captures the essence of a carefree spring morning spent in the bustling streets of Paris. Indulge in the vibrant energy and sophistication of Chanel Paris EDT and experience the magic of the City of Light with every spray.

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