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Gucci Bloom for Women – Eau de Parfum

KES 30,000
100 ml
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Brand: Gucci

Product description

Unveil the essence of a lush garden with Gucci Bloom. This fragrance invites you into an expansive garden of endless possibilities. The scent is a complex tapestry of florals designed to celebrate the authenticity and individuality of the women it adorns.

Scent Profile: Gucci Bloom unfolds like a thriving garden. Natural tuberose and jasmine absolutes form the heart of the fragrance, creating a rich, floral core, magnified by the fresh green notes of Rangoon Creeper—a novel ingredient in perfumery. This unique vine, transformative in its bloom from white to red, symbolizes the dynamic and diverse spirit of the Gucci woman.

The Experience: With each spray, experience the transformation as if walking through a flourishing garden. The potent natural ingredients ensure that the floral concentration is lush and pure, reflecting Michele’s vision of a bold, colorful, and diverse garden that is as vivacious as it is beautiful.

Product Name Gucci Bloom for Women – Eau de Parfum
Options 100 ml
  • 100 ml @ KES 30,000
  • Brand Gucci
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