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Gucci Intense Oud Eau De Parfum

KES 39,677
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Brand: Gucci

Product description

Immerse yourself in the opulent world of Gucci Intense Oud Eau de Parfum, a captivating fragrance that embodies luxury and sophistication. Launched in 2015, this Oriental fragrance for both women and men offers a rich tapestry of exotic notes that evoke a sense of indulgence and allure.

Fragrance Profile:

Top Notes: Pear, Raspberry, Saffron

Heart Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Orange Flower

Base Notes: Natural Oud Oil, Patchouli


Gucci Intense Oud opens with a lavish blend of succulent pear, juicy raspberry, and exotic saffron, creating an enticing and vibrant top note that immediately captures attention. The addition of saffron lends a spicy and aromatic quality to the opening, adding depth and complexity to the composition.

As the fragrance develops, the heart reveals the luxurious aroma of Bulgarian rose and orange flower, infusing the scent with a rich floral bouquet that is both sensual and captivating. These heart notes add a layer of elegance and sophistication to the fragrance, evoking images of blooming gardens and exotic landscapes.

In the base, the fragrance is anchored by the deep and resinous notes of natural oud oil and patchouli. These base notes impart a sense of warmth and sensuality to the blend, enveloping the wearer in a veil of exotic richness and depth. The combination of oud and patchouli creates a luxurious and long-lasting dry down that lingers on the skin, leaving a trail of seductive fragrance in your wake.

Experience Oriental Luxury:

Indulge in the luxurious allure of Gucci Intense Oud Eau de Parfum and experience the opulence of the Orient. With its rich and exotic blend of notes, this fragrance is the perfect choice for those who seek to make a bold and unforgettable statement. Embrace the allure of Intense Oud and let yourself be transported to a world of indulgence and sophistication.

Product Name Gucci Intense Oud Eau De Parfum
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