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Juliette Has A Gun Not a Perfume

KES 18,000
100 ml
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Brand: Juliette Has A Gun

Product description

Are you tired of ordinary fragrances that follow the same old formulas? Discover a scent that defies convention and embraces the extraordinary - Juliette Has a Gun "Not a Perfume." This innovative fragrance challenges the norms of traditional perfumery, offering a truly unique olfactory experience that captivates and intrigues.

What sets "Not a Perfume" apart from the crowded world of fragrances is its minimalist yet distinctive composition. Created by the visionary perfumer Romano Ricci, this fragrance features just one single note - Cetalox.

Cetalox is an ambroxan-derived compound known for its warm, woody, and subtly musky scent. Unlike traditional perfumes that rely on complex blends of various ingredients, Juliette Has A Gun "Not a Perfume" stands as a testament to the beauty of simplicity.

If you've ever had concerns about allergies or ethical considerations when choosing a fragrance, "Not a Perfume" is the answer you've been seeking. This hypoallergenic fragrance contains no allergens, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. What's more, it's completely cruelty-free, ensuring that no animals are harmed in its production.

"Not a Perfume" transcends gender boundaries, making it a versatile and inclusive fragrance choice. Whether you're a man or a woman, this scent adapts beautifully to your skin's unique chemistry, creating a personal and intimate aroma that is entirely your own. It's a fragrance that celebrates individuality and embraces diversity.

One of the most remarkable qualities of "Not a Perfume" is its impressive longevity. Unlike many fragrances that fade away after a few hours, this scent lingers on your skin throughout the day and well into the evening. Just a few spritzes in the morning will keep you smelling enchanting from dawn to dusk.

Escape the realm of ordinary fragrances and embrace the allure of the extraordinary with Juliette Has a Gun "Not a Perfume." Elevate your scent game, guided by the essence of simplicity, and the celebration of its unisex appeal. Whether you seek a personal signature scent or a memorable gift, "Not a Perfume" delivers an exceptional journey.

Join the ranks of those who choose to defy convention and make a profound statement through scent. Secure your bottle of "Not a Perfume" now and step into a world where scent becomes a personal masterpiece. Stand out as the exception, and let Juliette Has a Gun redefine your fragrance narrative. We are ready for your order. Delivery is free.

Product Name Juliette Has A Gun Not a Perfume
Options 100 ml
  • 100 ml @ KES 18,000
  • Brand Juliette Has A Gun
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