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My Burberry Blush EDP For Women

KES 15,500
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Brand: Burberry

Product description

My Burberry Blush is perfect for the modern woman who appreciates the beauty of nature and the joyful promise of a new day. It is ideal for daily wear, providing a light, uplifting presence that enhances her natural elegance without overwhelming.

Scent Profile:

Top Notes: This fragrance opens with bright and vivacious notes, designed to mimic the crisp air of a London garden at sunrise. The exact composition of these top notes highlights the fresh, green quality of budding blooms.

Middle Notes: At the heart, My Burberry Blush unfolds into a symphony of floral scents. These floral notes are carefully chosen to represent a garden in full bloom, offering a naturally elegant and distinctly feminine aroma.

Base Notes: The fragrance settles into a soft and enduring base. These underlying notes provide a gentle, comforting finish that lingers subtly on the skin, echoing the lasting touch of warmth from the sun’s first rays.

Discover the delicate and refreshing charm of My Burberry Blush, a Floral fragrance that evokes the vibrant atmosphere of a London garden at dawn. Launched as part of the iconic My Burberry collection, this perfume captures the essence of awakening flowers and the first blush of the morning light, bringing to life the spirited energy of a new day.

Product Name My Burberry Blush EDP For Women
Options 90ml
  • 90ml @ KES 15,500
  • Brand Burberry
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