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N°1 De Chanel L'Eau Rouge EDP - Chanel

KES 27,500
100 ml
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Brand: Calvin Klein

Product description

The red camellia is a flower unlike any other and the key ingredient in N°1 DE CHANEL. A flower with revitalising powers, whose extraordinary energy gives it perennial youth.

CHANEL Research has harnessed its exceptional properties to create a new generation of beauty products, including skincare, makeup and a fragrance mist.

At the core of the N°1 DE CHANEL beauty line, red camellia extract targets stage N°1 of the skin's aging process, working to prevent and correct the appearance of the 5 signs of aging.

The red camellia is soft and delicate, yet extraordinarily strong and resilient. An exceptional source of vitality, for a youthful glow. Olivier Polge drew inspiration from both of its dimensions for L’Eau Rouge, the revitalising fragrance mist: one that is fresh, sparkling and dynamic, the other soft and delicate. The tone is set from the very first notes of the fragrance; it opens with a fruity (citrus and red berries) flourish of energy that unfurls into a jasmine-rose heart, the iconic hallmark of CHANEL Fragrance. The composition draws to a delicate close with comforting musk and iris notes.

The L'Eau Rouge formula contains 97% naturally derived ingredients.


Enriched with red camellia extract, an active ingredient that boosts skin vitality, and camellia water, L’Eau Rouge scents, refreshes and energises, making skin look radiant and feel hydrated.

Active ingredients

The camellia is showcased in all its forms at the heart of N°1 DE CHANEL, the new anti-aging skincare line.

Camellia water leaves the skin feeling fresh.

N°1 DE CHANEL is a beauty line that seeks to minimise its environmental impact with formulas, which contain up to 97% naturally derived ingredients(1) and 76% camellia-derived ingredients. They have been tested on all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Product Name N°1 De Chanel L'Eau Rouge EDP - Chanel
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  • Brand Calvin Klein
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