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Xerjoff Purple Accento

KES 87,900
100 ml
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Brand: Xerjoff

Product description

Introducing the captivating Purple Accento fragrance, adored for its fresh and fruity oriental essence. This exquisite perfume is adorned with lavish purple crystals, perfectly complementing the alluring blend it holds.

It opens with a delightful mix of Mediterranean fruits and citrus notes, exuding elegance from the first spritz.

Following shortly after, a beautifully harmonized medley of naturally distilled flowers emerges, infusing the skin with an intense and opulent aura reminiscent of grand eras.

The enduring base notes of amber, musk, vanilla, and oud provide steadfast support to the entire fragrance pyramid, ensuring a lasting and exclusive olfactory experience. The olfactory notes feature a delightful combination of bergamot, mandarin, hyacinth, pineapple, loganberry, orris, jasmine, pink pepper, and a rich base of amber, musk, sandalwood, vanilla, and oud.

Fragrance Profile :

Bergamot - Mandarin - Hyacinth & Pineapple

Loganberry - Orris - Jasmine & Pink Pepper

Amber - Musk - Sandalwood - Vanilla & Oud

Product Name Xerjoff Purple Accento
Options 100 ml
  • 100 ml @ KES 87,900
  • Brand Xerjoff
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