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YSL Mon Paris Intensement EDP

KES 20,587
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Brand: Yves Saint Laurent

Product description

Mon Paris Intensément Eau de Parfum is a bold and captivating fragrance that beckons with the tantalizing scent of ripe black currant, drawing you into its passionate narrative. At its heart lies a delicate yet powerful rose, its petals unfolding like the pages of a love story set against the backdrop of Paris. As the fragrance settles, the warm caress of white musk envelops you, leaving behind a trail of lingering allure and sophistication.

Top Notes:

Ripe black currant, beckoning with the promise of adventure.

Middle Notes:

A delicate yet powerful rose, blooming amidst the streets of Paris.

Base Notes:

Warm white musk, wrapping you in a cocoon of timeless elegance.


This fragrance is for the modern romantic, unafraid to follow her heart and embrace the intensity of her emotions. It's for those who believe in the power of love to ignite passion and desire. Mon Paris Intensément captures the essence of modern romance, inviting you to surrender to the allure of Paris and let love lead the way.


Indulge in the intoxicating allure of YSL Mon Paris Intensément EDP and let your heart soar. Whether you're embarking on a romantic adventure or simply embracing the joy of being alive, this fragrance will transport you to the heart of Parisian romance and leave an indelible mark on your soul. Embrace the passion of Mon Paris Intensément and let your love story unfold in all its fervent beauty.

Product Name YSL Mon Paris Intensement EDP
Options 90ml
  • 90ml @ KES 20,587
  • Brand Yves Saint Laurent
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