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Dior Vanilla Diorama EDP

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Brand: Dior

Product description

Dior Vanilla Diorama Eau de Parfum is a tantalizing fragrance that pays homage to Christian Dior's love for gastronomy and luxury. Inspired by the legendary dessert created in his honor, Vanilla Diorama captures the essence of a delectable vanilla mousseline infused with citrus and cocoa undertones.

Fragrance Profile:

Top Notes: Vanilla

Heart Notes: Orange Zest

Base Notes: Cocoa


Vanilla Diorama is a harmonious blend of indulgent gourmand notes. At its heart lies the creamy richness of vanilla, evoking the luscious texture of a delicate mousseline. This is complemented by the bright and refreshing zest of orange, adding a citrusy twist that enlivens the composition. The fragrance is anchored by the deep, slightly bitter aroma of cocoa, creating a sophisticated contrast to the sweetness of the vanilla.


The fragrance is inspired by the Diorama Gourmand, a dessert created exclusively for Christian Dior at Maxim's, the renowned Parisian restaurant. Just like the dessert's sumptuous layers and delicate flavors, Vanilla Diorama captures the essence of luxury and indulgence. Its name pays tribute to the iconic Diorama silhouette, characterized by its generous chiffon skirt and drawn by the Couturier-Perfumer himself.

Experience the Indulgence:

Vanilla Diorama invites you to experience the art of gastronomy through the olfactory senses. Its complex and captivating blend of notes creates a sensorial journey reminiscent of the finest desserts and culinary delights. Immerse yourself in the creamy sweetness of vanilla, accented by the zest of orange and the richness of cocoa, and indulge in a moment of pure luxury and refinement.

Product Name Dior Vanilla Diorama EDP
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