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Dior Feve Delicieuse EDP

KES 68,000
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Brand: Dior

Product description

Fève Délicieuse Eau de Parfum by Dior is a gourmand fragrance that celebrates the rich, multifaceted scent of Tonka Bean. Crafted by François Demachy, Dior's Perfumer-Creator, this scent blends vanilla with the smooth and alluring notes of Tonka Bean, creating a deliciously indulgent experience.

Fragrance Profile:

Top Notes: Bergamot, Lavender

Heart Notes: Tonka Bean, Cherry, Freesia

Base Notes: Vanilla, Caramel, Praline, Milk, Cacao, Sandalwood


Fève Délicieuse EDP opens with a fresh burst of bergamot and the calming aroma of lavender. The heart is a rich blend of Tonka Bean, cherry, and freesia, providing a sweet and slightly floral middle. The base is an exquisite combination of vanilla, caramel, praline, milk, cacao, and sandalwood, creating a warm, slightly smoky, and utterly indulgent finish.


This fragrance is a harmonious blend of sweet and savory elements. The smoothness of Tonka Bean melds seamlessly with the warm and slightly smoky notes of vanilla, while caramel, praline, and cacao add depth and richness. Sandalwood provides a creamy, woody undertone that balances the sweetness.


Fève Délicieuse is an epicurean fragrance that embodies luxury and indulgence. The warm, inviting notes create a deliciously comforting sensation, making it a perfect scent for those who appreciate the finer things in life. This unisex fragrance is ideal for evening wear or special occasions.

Experience the Indulgence with Fève Délicieuse:

Fève Délicieuse Eau de Parfum invites you to indulge in the rich, multifaceted scent of Tonka Bean, enhanced by warm and slightly smoky notes of vanilla. This epicurean fragrance is a true gourmand delight, creating an exquisite and luxurious sensation. Embrace the indulgence and let Fève Délicieuse captivate your senses with its deliciously comforting aroma.

Product Name Dior Feve Delicieuse EDP
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